• Navigating the Capital Market: The Investors Dilemma


    A report on Nigerian Investments

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Navigating the Capital Market: The Investors Dilemma

A report on Nigerian Investments

For 10 years up until the end of 2019, Nigerian investors and savers had it good. By investing in Nigerian Treasury Bills they could get an inflation-beating return.

In 2020 the situation is very different, with yields far below inflation. How how should investors and savers react? If risk-free Treasury Bills no longer deliver adequate returns,then they must re-acquaint themselves with risk-taking, investing in a range of securities including equities.

But what benchmarks should they use and what returns should they demand? Based on a wealth of historical data from Nigerian markets, we set out our answers here.

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We are committed to value investing; as such, we strongly believe that asset prices will reflect their true value over time. Through diligent research and the application of qualitative skills based on experience and quantitative investment tools, we identify underlying assets and securities that will outperform over time when building investment solutions for our clients. Our research is carried out using a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches, beginning with the evaluation of trends in global financial markets and assessing their implications on regional and domestic markets.

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